November 6, 2016

Stand Up and Be Counted

I have been feeling pretty frustrated with the state of the world, politics, media, etc and so in an effort to channel my/our frustrations into something positive I invited some friends, acquaintances and strangers to join me at Service to come together, paint some signs and say some things we needed to get off our chest. I did encourage folks to keep it positive, and I didn't want it to be about any political party or candidate, but rather about values we feel are important. Coming together to share our collective confusion, frustration, concern, to share and to laugh together, to paint our thoughts on paper, felt really good. Thank you so much to everyone who came, shared, and supported. We are stronger together.

The 2016 General/Presidential election is in 2 days. However you may feel, whatever you may believe, thanks for participating. Here's to hoping more of us stand up, show up and vote/participate every chance we get - not just once every 4 years. Here's to hoping that amidst a sea of bullshit and negativity we can contribute a little bit of hope, love and light.

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