August 5, 2018

Nabi Saleh, Palestine

Video, film and digital photos from my trip to the West Bank, Palestine in May 2017. 

film by Amanda Leigh Smith edited by Josiah Marshall music by Julie Byrne sound by Charles Glanders Following the lives of three women living in Nabi Saleh, Palestine, A Caged Bird Sings provides a snapshot into the daily lives of the youth and families entrenched in the conflict. In spite of facing many challenges, including risking their life, they remain committed and motivated to preserve hope and humanity. Nabi Saleh is a small village in Area C of the West Bank, Palestine about 20 kilometers northwest of Ramallah. It is noted for their weekly demonstrations beginning in 2009 when the neighboring Israeli settlement began expanding into private Palestinian land. Area C constitutes about 61 percent of the West Bank territory where infrastructure is controlled by the Israeli government, impacting Palestinian’s access to school, work, and medical services.

Interview and photos for Got A Girl Crush Magazine here

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