March 21, 2016

The Hatter & the Hound Tour - New Mexico

After a quick tour through Mesa Verde and a stop at a local hat maker in Mancos, Colorado we blasted south to make it as close as we could get to White Sands, New Mexico with the goal to catch sunrise the next morning. We spent most of the day cruising to our favorite tunes, but made a brief stop in a little town named Cuba to let Charlie the dog stretch her legs. With only a few miles of gas left in the tank and in the middle of no where, we rolled into a truck stop in Alamogordo, NM after midnight to crash out. Rachel, Cate and I slept in the airstream and Claire made a bed out of the many cases of beer we had lining the truck bed. We woke up in the dark after a few hours of sleep, grabbed coffees at the gas station and hauled ass to White Sands. For whatever reason, the ranger at the park entrance didn't want to take our entry fee and let us head right through. I think he could tell we were in a hurry to catch that perfect morning light over the dunes. We ran around for an hour or so totally blown away by this unique and beautiful landscape we were all seeing for the first time. Soon we were on our way, leaving a case of beer with the ranger in exchange for his generosity. Now we were Texas bound. 

Shot on film by Amanda Leigh Smith

1 comment:

  1. perfect mixture of fun, playful photographs against a gorgeous landscape


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