October 28, 2015

Hiking the backcountry of the South Chilcotins

Film from this past July when my mother-in-law and I went on backcountry hiking trip in the South Chilcotin Mountains of BC. There was also a group of 7 lady friends on bicycles, but we did the trip on foot. We took a float plane from Tyaughton Lake, located in the west-central interior of British Columbia, over the mountains to Lorna Lake at 6,332 ft elevation. We started our hike from there and the trail went quickly up Lorna Pass at 7,381 ft. I had my eyes peeled for grizzly bears after seeing a few piles of poop and tracks on the trail. We hiked for half the day until we made it just before sunset to Bear Paw cabin where we rejoined up with the cyclists and had dinner together by the wood burning stove. The next morning we left camp and headed towards Spruce Lake hiking alongside Tyaughton Creek. Fresh cougar tracks greeted us along the muddy trail, but luckily that's all we saw. We crossed the river 5 times throughout the day, and although we had a long full day of hiking, the trail was pretty easy and the scenery was spectacular. We made it to Spruce Camp and had another night of fun with the rest of the crew on bikes. The next morning we flew out from Spruce Lake at over 5,000 ft back to Tyaughton Lake. It was a great trip with an inspiring bunch of women twice my age and about ten times more tough than me. 

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