April 10, 2015

Rolling Home

Last October my fiancé James and I bought a 1953 GMC 2 ton flatbed from a man named Don in Carson, Washington. Since returning home from our summer traveling in South America we were completely broke, working as many jobs we could 7 days a week, living in our friend's unfinished garage and trying to figure out what to do next. We found inspiration in a few books from the 1970s on rolling homes. "Some Turtles Have Nice Shells" by Roger D. Beck (which I later learned the author was the stepdad of a good friend who grew up in one) and the book "Rolling Homes" by Jane Lidz. We decided to bust ass for the next 6 months working and saving as much as possible, selling most of our personal possessions and started the build on the back of our truck Ruby. After James' 6 month visa in the States was up, we moved our future home Casa de Ruby up to James' hometown of Whistler, Canada where we will finish the build. Before the move we were only able to finish the framing, so we painted her black to protect the plywood from the rain. She's got a long way to go still, but we're gettin' there. It's been the most amazing experience learning, designing and building this together, and I can't wait to start the inside!

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