January 15, 2017

Standing Rock - North Dakota Bound

On November 16, 2016 I drove to Bend, Oregon to meet up with one of my favorite ladies/hat maker/big rig captain Cate Havstad and her two friends, the Jessie's. I have to admit, I was a little bummed to be road tripping to North Dakota with two dudes, sad it wouldn't be an all lady trip, but to my pleasant surprise they ended up being two incredible humans that I learned a lot from, shared belly aching laughs with and will forever be bonded with by our special experience together at Oceti Sakowin - the front line Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance Camp on the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota.

After we departed from Cate's farm in Bend, we b-lined to Boise to pick up one of my other favorite ladies/favorite human/guardian angel/partner in crime Claire Everson. Claire, in her typical fashion, was organized as hell and ready to go as soon as we arrived - like bags packed by the front door, sitting in the window excitedly waiting for the noise of the diesel truck. If you're one of the many lucky people to know this woman, you know that she is a profoundly special and an immensely cherished gift and treasure to the world, and her friendship makes you a better person and this world a better place. That goes for Cate too. I am constantly amazed by these two women and lucky to have them as my sisters.

After a few nights on the road, slumber partying with the other big rigs at truck stops, we made it, wide-eyed to Standing Rock.

More to follow...

Shot on 35mm film

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