August 17, 2016

Forever Friends for Rookie Magazine

"Forever Friends" for Rookie Magazine

Photography by Amanda Leigh Smith
Clothing model's own and provided by Mintage
Thank you to sisters Forest, Mica and Nahanni for opening up your home and modeling.

“Our relationship is based on growth and understanding. It’s about knowing each other so well that we understand what each other needs. Nahanni will give empathy and understanding. Forest will give knowledge and direction. Mica will give tough love and motivation. We have so many fights and arguments, which is inevitable in close-knit relationships, but these differences allow us to continue learning about one another. The best part about a sister relationship is that you will have it forever. It’s true love, really.”

August 2, 2016

Southern Love, Home Again

I spent a few weeks home with the family in Texas and Arkansas this past spring. 
Shot on film. 

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