December 31, 2012

BEST OF 2012

2012 has been truly amazing. With it came lots of change, growth, adventures, and love. Went to the painted hills. Traveled to Joshua Tree and explored the California desert with the babes of sugarhigh+lovestoned. Drove from San Diego, through LA, Big Sur and SF to Portland with my two besties, first time really exploring the great state of CA. Graduated from college. Got promoted at work - a job that has changed my life and outlook on life forever. Had the best summer of my life swimming, hiking, motorcycle camping and riding over 1000 miles to the Alvord desert in Eastern Oregon. Explored the California Redwoods with my mom. Traveled to Whistler BC and snowshoed for the first time, then left for Denver, Colorado to spend the holidays with family. So many great photo collaborations this year and super excited about having been published in Monster Children Magazine, Disfunksion Magazine, Ben Trovato Blog, C-Heads Magazine, SOME Magazine, and the Cult of Style. Ready to make this new year even better than the last. Thankful for my friends and family who helped make this past year all that it was... I'm lucky to have you. Happy New Year.




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