January 2, 2016

Best of 2015

One of my most favorite things about New Years is taking the time to look back and reflect on the year that passed, all the memories, all the challenges, all the adventures and all the photos taken. It fills me with so much gratitude and inspiration for the new year to come. 2015 was the year James and I moved out of our tent/garage home and moved our rolling home up to Whistler, BC to finish the build, start a new life and got married surrounded by our loved ones. We spent a good portion of the year traveling the US and Canada for both work and for fun. I saw the Canadian Rockies for the first time, I learned how to to cross-country ski, went crabbing for the first time, road in a float plane for the first time, I tore down a house to get materials to build a new one, I bought my first motorcycle, I saw 4 sets of friends have babies, was a featured artist for the Portland TED Talk, was on a Canadian travel TV show, traveled cross-country in a 50ft rig with 3 badass women, I went to many places I had never been before and the only major casualty was losing the tip of my finger. Thanks to everyone who helped make this past year an awesome and successful one.

Below are some of my favorite moments and favorite shoots from 2015.


  1. incredible body of work, congrats on making Rookie Yearbook 4. I love how intimately tied your photos are with nature



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