July 8, 2011


Holocene presents... 
 Thursday July 28, 2011

In honor of Kate Bush's 53rd birthday on July 30th, Holocene has put together a birthday gift to her from Portland - an evening celebrating the art-pop goddess and her incredible body of work. Featuring live covers by: Parenthetical Girls, Neal Morgan, Lost Lander, Rocky & The Proms, Prescription Pills, The Crow in collaboration with Breakfast Mountain, Golden Spun, Ultimate Woman (Ashley from Sex Life). Dance performance by Jin Camou. Kate-centric DJ set by DJ Bill Portland. Visual art tributes by Amanda Smith, Sarah Baker, Katy Knowlton, Carlie Armstrong, and Vivian Hua. 

If you live in Portland, you should definitely check this out! 

Here are the tribute photoshoots Sarah Baker and I collaborated together on... Some of these will be showcased at Holocene during this event.

(click link above to view video)
Model: Marrissa Winder, Styled by: Sarah Baker

(click link above to view video)
Model: Nouel Riel, Styled by Sarah Baker

(click link above to view video)
Model: Danica Molenaar, Styled by: Sarah Baker

Much thanks to Gina Altamura at Holocene, Jacob Portrait for letting us use his studio, Nick Bindeman for lending me his lights & smoke machine, Sarah Baker for her beautiful styling, and models Marissa, Nouel and Danica! <3 a

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